What is a Commercial Photographer?

A commercial photographer does brand photography, focusing on a specific subject. For example, if your brand sells a product such as organic soap, a commercial photographer can set up a shoot that features the soap in its package to highlight your company's product. However, brand photography would focus more on how your customers enjoy the product. What this means for you is that you want a commercial photographer who thinks actively about how to highlight the soap in its best-case scenario.

Whether it's product, service, or sports photography—a commercial photographer captures the subject's best features. The result is customer buy-in. If you have a website, working with a brand photographer allows you to tell your company's story in images. Imagery and branding go hand and hand. A commercial photographer knows how to tell a brand's story and generate customer purchases through carefully planned settings.

At Caballero Pictures, we do studio work at Fotohouse, inside Native Bar and Hostile, in Austin. The studio supplies all professional equipment in a luxury space. If you work with a model, you have options for a wardrobe stylist, professional makeup artist, and hairstylist. Providing an ideal setting is essential for brand photography. To that end, we also offer outdoor photography. Either way, studio shoot, or the great outdoors, we've got you covered.

At Caballero Pictures, your satisfaction is our guarantee. We welcome collaboration, so gather your research, think about your brand, and bring your ideas. Get in touch today for a consultation, and we'll go over the entire process and the costs beforehand.