A little about me...

I  began my photography journey after starting a non-profit with my wife Sydney.  We sold t-shirts to raise money for an organization that specialized in helping at-risk youth.  The vast majority of our sales came through Instagram, and so we needed a lot of high quality pictures.  I had always wanted a professional camera, and this was the perfect opportunity!  I had always loved taking pictures, I just didn't have the proper equipment to express this creative aspect of myself.  After purchasing my first Fuji camera, I instantly fell in love.  Instead of just taking pictures of my 5 animals with my phone; I was beginning to photograph people.  I found out very quickly that the highlight of any picture was the emotion, not the product.  If I could find away to make the person I was photographing feel comfortable in this vulnerable space I could create the images I wanted.  

I started out not knowing what shutter speed or aperture or ISOs were, and now I am equipped to produce fashion photography, beauty photography, editorials, commercial photography, and portrait photography of any kind.  I've learned so much in a very short amount of time about putting humanity into my photography... Into my art... I look forward to meeting you and creating not only art, but an experience worth remembering forever. 

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